Global Safety Matters is a worldwide distributor of high quality specialized traffic (safety) orientated products and services, car license plate manufacturing lines, road building products and equipment, as well as personal safety products. Global Safety Matters is also manufacturer of a full range of retro reflective films.
Global Safety Matters has offices around the world.

Global Safety Matters provides a strategic blend of cost-effective, high performance, generic solutions combined with innovative, high quality, premium performance safety solutions. Allowing clients worldwide to match their safety demands on a economically sound cost to benefit ratio.

In addition, Global Safety Matters provides:

Today, safety, either in our day to day traffic or in our personal lives, is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity for all: consumers, workforces, employers, contractors, and you as an individual. From a business perspective `safety matters` is significantly helping to reduce the costs associated with risks. It is a challenge that needs to be addressed by, both, small and large organizations hence our motto "Safety matters".

For more information and personal advice how we can help you meet your safety needs and goals, feel free to browse our website or contact us.