Delta Plus

With its global supply of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), the DELTA PLUS Group is a leading force on the European market. With thirteen distribution subsidiaries and eight manufacturing subsidiaries, DELTA PLUS is a clear and dynamic leader in the field.
Global Safety Matters is a distributor for the entire PPE range of Delta Plus.

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Based on its long experience, its expertise and its complete product range, the Delta Plus Group offers quality products and high level services.

The DELTA PLUS Group is an international firm enjoying vigorous growth, yet it has remained firmly focused on the human dimension, certainly an important key to its success and its customer satisfaction.

Today, DELTA PLUS stands out as the Designer and Producer of Personal Protection Equipment solutions. This clearly-stated objective is much more than a simple statement it is the guarantee of its commitment to quality production and service.

Delta Plus' offering is available under the following brand-name's:

Also available is the complete range of Michelin Personal Protection Equipment.